Editor / Copywriter

Context As Scorpios Group is expanding internationally, and allowing their distinctive culture to manifest in new places, experiences and offerings, we are looking for a talented writer who can speak to that ever-growing community in this exciting time.
What you will be doing in your roleThe successful candidate will deeply understand the Scorpios brand and its unique positioning within the wider cultural and hospitality realms.

You will strive to use the language and tone of voice that resonates with our existing and new audiences, combining journalistic professionalism with engaging ease and familiarity. Working within a wider editorial and studio team, you will be open to collaboration and constructive critique, as we all work together to take the brand to the next level.

Whether you are writing presentations for internal use, social media copy, or an article for the online culture magazine, the emphasis will be on crisp, clear, sparkling copy that is enjoyable to read. With a knack for avoiding heavily intellectualized and dense writing — as well as simplistic copy that speaks down to our readers — you will instead find the middle ground to make our audience feel seen, heard and understood.

You will have an eye for detail, an implicit understanding of language, and most importantly, an affection for the Scorpios community, its culture and its values.


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